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With over 40 years roof tiling industry experience and a proud member of the Monier Roofing Specialist network, the team at Sunshine Roofing Tiles, Bricks & Pavers have the right skills and expertise to ensure your next roof tiling, roof restoration project is installed professionally and guaranteed to perform.

So whether you need a re-roof, restoration or a new roof, if you’re a builder, owner builder or renovating, call us today on 9312 4377. You can even upload your plans in the ‘request a quote’ section of the site and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 48hrs.

We’re also one of Melbourne’s largest stockist of second hand roof tiles, and carry an extensive range of Terracotta and Concrete roof tiles manufactured by all the leading brands – past and present.

Thinking about landscaping, come and see our extensive display of clay & concrete pavers from Australia’s best manufactures PGH, Austral, Selkirk, Adbri, ECS and Boral … and for that finishing touch we stock artificial turf by the metre.

If its face bricks you’re looking for, we have a large range on display and can provide you with quote, whether it’s a small weekend project or a house load of bricks for your new dream home – we can even co-ordinate the delivery directly to your building site.



40 Years
New Roofs


We service the greater Melbourne area

If you need advice on bricks, pavers, landscaping products, roof tiles (new or 2nd hand roof tiles), a roof renovation/ respray, roof restoration, or the complete supply and installation of a new roof, Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers will provide you with prompt, efficient service using only high quality products that are guaranteed to last.

Roof Restorations and Re-Roofing
Our professional re-roof and restoration services are designed to rejuvenate your roofs performance, improve your homes street appeal and potentially increase its value. We complete one section of your roof at a time to ensure that your home is never fully exposed to the elements. This also eliminates the need for roofing tarps, which in turn results in a more cost effective service for you.

With a team of specialists, we cover it all:

  • Detailed condition inspections
  • Efficient high pressure cleaning
  • Removal of existing tiles
  • Tile matching
  • 10 YEAR workmanship guarantee

Planning an extensions / renovation to your existing home?
To ensure we achieve your end goal, we’ll come out to your home to inspect the extension going on. Before finalising any plans, we’ll check the following items:

  • What roof tile it is that we will be matching
  • The pitch of your roof
  • The access into your property

Working closely with you to ensure all your expectations are met, we can supply both new and second hand roof tiles to ensure a seamless look. The quotation we provide will contain a detailed plan of your roof outlining where the new tiles will be laid and where we will reuse the existing tiles.

Building a new dream home – you’ll need a new roof!
To obtain a tailored quotation, please provide us with:

  • Your plans and your contact details either by uploading them in the ‘contact us’ section of this website, email, fax, mail, or bring them in and we can copy your plans at our office.
  • An idea of the tiles you are interested in: Terracotta or concrete, as well as your preferred roof tile profile and colour

Once we’ve received all the information required, we will promptly send you a quotation and if required, a sample of the new tile.

And if you’re not sure which roof tile will best suit your new home – call us on 9312 4377 – with our years of industry experience, we’ll guide you through the selection process to ensure you make the right choice.

New Roofs

We offer a complete supply and installation service for all types of buildings, using only quality Monier Concrete or Terracotta roof tiles.


Our re-roofing specialists coordinate the entire project in a quick, efficient manner to mimimise any disruption to your household.

Roof Restorations

Our professional tile roof restoration service will breathe new life into your family home, improving its street appeal and its value.

2nd Hand Roof Tile Matching

With our extensive stock of 2nd hand roof tiles we're sure to help you find the matching roof tile for your home and/or project.


Click the images below to find out more about our product offer.


ADBRI QUADRO 400x400x40



Free delivery for orders over 40 meters sq. Can pick up from yard

PGH Brick Specials.. Call up for Special prices on these beauties!






Melbourne Blue

Monier Terracotta Roof Tiles


Terracotta has been used as a roofing material for thousands of years and is still considered one of the best materials for creating a beautiful, elegant and above all, long-lasting roof. Terracotta’s unique properties make it the ideal premium choice for the harsh Australian climate.

  • Colour is baked directly into the tile to create a colour that will never fade
  • Extremely durable, used across the world for centuries
  • Won’t rust
  • Withstands wind, spray and salt
  • Insulation reduces unwanted noise
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Slow to heat up in hot conditions
  • Allows hot air to escape roof space
  • Impervious to the effects of frost and ice
  • Thermal insulation protects the environment and saves energy
  • Heritage value and can improve house resale value
  • The most premium tile for roofing on the market today

Click to download
Monier Terracotta Tile product flyer (PDF 1.92MB)

Monier Concrete Roof Tiles


Concrete tiles can give that finishing touch to any modern design or renovation. An affordable, tough and versatile material perfect for the Australian climate, concrete tiles offer a wide range of designs, modern colours and benefits to suit any home.

Colour Through Concrete Tiles:

  • Colour is injected during manufacturing to make any accidental cracks, scratches and gouges less visible
  • Won’t rust like metal
  • Affordable & versatile
  • Withstands wind, spray and salt making them ideal for coastal living
  • Insulation reduces unwanted noise
  • Impervious to effects of frost and ice
  • Thermal insulation protects the environment and saves energy

Concrete Tiles:

  • Our flat tiles feature Colour Application Technology colour, designed to give added protection against colour fade from the sun and elements
  • Won’t rust like metal
  • Affordable & versatile
  • Withstands wind, spray and salt making them ideal for coastal living
  • Insulation reduces unwanted noise
  • Impervious to effects of frost and ice
  • Thermal insulation protects the environment and saves energy

Click to download
Monier Concrete product flyer (PDF 1.18MB)

2nd Hand Roof Tiles

We have one of the largest ranges of 2nd Concrete and Terracotta roof tiles in Melbourne. So if you’re looking to replace a broken tile, match an existing tile for a new extension or re-roof an entire home for that authentic timeless look, come in and view our extensive stock holding.

Concrete profiles include:

  • Elabana
  • Tudor-100
  • Roman
  • Hacienda
  • Clark
  • Centurion
  • Bungalow
  • Standards
  • Yoeman
  • Super 90’s

Terracotta profiles include:

  • Modern French
  • Daniel Robertson
  • Melbourne Limited
  • Ballarat Eureka
  • Nubrick Tombstone
  • Swiss Montoro
  • Blackburn
  • Wunderlich
  • Hoffman
  • Vienna


We sell and stock face bricks from two of Australia’s leading manufacturers:
PGH Bricks & Pavers and Selkirk.
Come in and see our display! Our experienced staff are available to guide you through the selection process, provide you with product information, range options, prices and even coordinate delivery to site. So whether you just need to match a brick for a small extension or build your next dream home, the Sunshine team are here to help you make the right choice.


Call us today for competitive pricing on PGH and Selkirk Bricks and for information on the entire range of clay bricks and pavers – 9312 4377
Below are 10 of the most popular bricks currently available from leading manufacturers PGH and Selkirk

Dry Pressed Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Horizon Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Originals Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Altitude Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Essential Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Prestige Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Designer Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Innovation Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm

The Robert Selkirk Collection
Dimensions: 230mm x 110mm x 76mm


Sunshine Roofing Tiles, Bricks & Pavers carry an extensive range of clay & concrete pavers in stock ready for pick-up or quick delivery. We can also access the full range of products from these leading Australian manufacturers:


For more information on colours, product specifications or if you have a specific paver requirement / application, call us on- 9312 4377.
Discounts are available for trade purchases and for large orders.



Click to download
Riverstone Pavers Brochure (PDF 3.2MB)

Below is a selection of some of the most popular pavers currently available.

Tile & Bullnose Dimensions:
400mm x 600mm x 40mm

Tile Dimensions:
450mm x 450mm x 40mm
Tile & Bullnose Dimensions:
400mm x 450mm x 40mm

Tile & Bullnose Dimensions:
400mm x 400mm x 40mm

ADBRI Havenslab® 40
400mm x 200mm x 40mm
Charcoal, Oatmeal, Portblend, Sunstone, Mocha

ADBRI Boulevard® 40
600mm x 300mm x 40mm
Charcoal, Oatmeal, Sunstone, Mocha

ADBRI Quadro® 40
400mm x 400mm x 40mm
Charcoal, Mocha, Oatmeal, Sunstone,Terracotta

ADBRI Flagpave® 40
250mm x 250mm x 40mm
Basalt, Sand

ADBRI Eurostone® 40
400mm x 400mm x 40mm
Prague, Riverina, Zurich

ESC Masonry Quarrystone
400mm x 400mm x 40mm and 50mm
Bluestone, Ivory, Red Ochre, Autumn Gold,

National Masonry Arenapave
390mm x 190mm x 40mm and 200mm x 200mm x 40mm
Charcoal, Clinker Red, Sandune, Warmstone, Sahara

National Masonry Arenapave
200mm x 100mm x 50
Charcoal, Sandune, Warmstone, Sahara

National Masonry Arenapave
400mm x 400mm x 40
Terracotta, Ginger, Charcoal, Sand, Cocoa

Blocks & Retaining Walls

Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers stock retaining wall systems, stone products and a large selection of masonry blocks from all these leading brands:


Pick-ups are available 6 days a week and for those larger projects we can arrange a delivery directly to your site or home.

Product range includes:

  • Adbri Brick Blocks
  • Boral Concrete Blocks
  • ECS Masonry Blocks, Stackstone, and Lokrock
  • MDM Stone
  • National Masonry Blocks
  • Selkirk Retaining Walls

For competitive pricing on all your blocks, retaining wall and stone products call – 9312 4377.

Below is a selection of some of the most popular Blocks/Retaining walls currently available.

ESC Masonry Lokrok
80mm x 134/90mm x138mm
Ivory, Autumn Gold, Red Ochre, Bluestone,

ESC Masonry Stackstone
125mm high x 200mm front width
Ivory, Autumn Gold, Charlestone,
Bluestone, Clinker, Desert sand

Selkirk Concrete Blocks
Soft natural-stone colours and a breadth of shapes and sizes makes concrete block a stylish yet affordable alternative to face brickwork and light weight cladding. Encompassing smoothface and rockface finishes, as well as grey block for render applications, concrete block enables design versatility for residential and commercial projects alike.
Available in 4 colours:
Off-white, Pearl Grey, Bluestone, Oatmeal
Surface texture/finish:
Smooth, Honed, Polished, Rockface

Our Retaining Wall Systems add more than a touch of beauty, prestige and visual interest to any landscape or garden design. All our ranges feature
sturdy and attractive Wall Blocks, partnered with the finishing touch of a Capping Block. Available in two colours Oatmeal and Charcoal

Selkirk TASMAN Wall Block
Available in Charcoal and Oatmeal

Selkirk TASMAN Cap
Available in Charcoal and Oatmeal

Selkirk TASMAN Corner Block
Available in Charcoal and Oatmeal

Selkirk TASMAN Half Block
Available in Charcoal and Oatmeal

Monier Accesories and Products


Sunshine Roofing NOW IN STOCK Monier Roofcoat, Primer and Flexible Pointing.


Monier Roofcoat- 20L tub

Monier Roofcoat is roof paint suitable to use on all concrete roofs, and rust free metal roofs with appropriate surface preparation.

It is water based, making easy for clean up.

Available in many colour to suit any house design.


Monier Flexible Pointing- 10L tub

Monier flexible pointing comes with a 10 yr product warranty.

Can be used on either concrete or teraccotta ridge and hips and is designed to meet Australian standards, and weather conditions.

Designed to flex with normal roof movements without cracking.

Comes in a wide range of colours to match any roof.


Monier Bedding Mortar Mix- 20kg bag

Monier Bedding Mortar Mix is specifically designed to bed concrete and terracotta hip and ridge tiles.

A 20kg bag covers approximately 2.5lineal meters of ridge.

It makes small jobs easy as you just add water, mix and its ready to go.

Our Team

Sunshine Roof Tiling is a locally owned family business with a dedicated team focused on supplying the best quality building products and services to Melbourne’s western suburbs and surrounding regions. Our Selection Centre and Sales Yard are open 6 days a week and there’s always a friendly staff member available to help you with your enquiry.


They were very professional and honest. They came on time and I'd definitely use them again.


Roof Repair

We highly recommend Sunshine Roofing. We had them come to restore, repair and paint our roof tiles. Marvellous job. Reasonable prices too.

Katie Cowan

Melton Roof Renovation

I was very pleased with the prompt attention and the standard of the work from Sunshine Roofing. The price was fair and I would recommend them to others people needing bedding and/or pointing done.

Margaret Ryan

Roof Repair

Everything was all good and I'm happy with their service. They came up for the job and it was done quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Sunshine Roofing Tiles, Bricks & Pavers to others.

Ross Genovesi

Roof Repair

Very professional with expert advice.

Ann Jackson

Roof Repair

Contact Us

For sales and product information please email
or call us on 03 9312 4377

Sales & Selection Centre
OPEN 6 days
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm
Sat 8am-1pm
Corner Ballarat Rd. and Hulett St., Sunshine 3020 VIC



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    Terms & Conditions



    i. Before the date the roof will be ready for tiling the purchaser shall have at the job address

    a) Supply and fix tilt battens.
    b) Make all rafters flush
    c) Complete all plumbing, valley irons, gutters flashing and the like.
    d) Furnish an electric power outlet 240 volt, single phase.
    e) Provide necessary scaffolding fully erected.
    f) Skylight to be installed before job commences.

    ii. Before bedding and pointing of roof is required, Purchaser shall provide hall-a cubic metre of brick layers sand on site.


    i) Indemnify and keep the company indemnified against any liability loss claim or proceedings whatsoever in respect of any damage caused as a consequence of the non-provision of a crossing in accordance with the requirements of any statutory authority of local body.
    ii) Comply with all requirements of statutory authorities and local government bodies in relation to party walls, fire walls and scaffolding.


    i) Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers will give an estimate for the cost of the works, which must be accepted by The Customer before commencement.
    ii) Written acceptance of this quotation shall be delivered to the company within 30 days of the date hereof.
    iii) The contract is not binding until the Customer and Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers accept the estimate.
    iv) Any price change resulting from government levies etc. Shall be payable by the Customer. e.g. Carbon tax.
    v) Where the roof is not completed within 2 months from the date of delivery, the Company reserves the right to amend the accepted price.
    vi) For all price variations an amended quotation will be forwarded and work will not commence unless a signed acceptance is received by the company.
    vii) If the roof is not ready for tiling within 30 days from the date of acceptance the Company reserves the right to change the price.


    Payment of the price shall be made as follows:

    Upon cover of the roof area – total of contract price. Payment of all invoices must be made within 30 days of invoice.

    80% of the contract price as quoted must be paid before any delivery of tiles will be effected, upon cover of roof area – balance of contract price.
    Payment of invoices must be made within 7 days of invoice.
    All materials supplied by Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers remain its property until paid for in full. Until then they may be removed by the company at any time. Sunshine Roofing Tile Bricks & Pavers shall be entitled to all surplus materials supplied upon completion of works.


    Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers will make every effort to complete the works promptly. However, if Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers is unable to commence , continue or complete the works due to any cause beyond its control, such as but not limited to Acts of God, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disturbances, delay by any supplier of any Public utility or Corporation affecting directly or indirectly any trades engaged on or materials employed in the works, its obligation shall be suspended whilst such case exists..


    Where a client removes tiles from an existing dwelling in readiness for tiling by this company, the sole responsibly for protecting the property from inclement weather rests with the client until the completion of the contract. The removal of tarpaulins (if any) is the responsibility of the owner- builder.


    All products supplied and fixed by Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers shall be in accordance local standards, regulations and the Building Cod unless specified in writing by the Customer in which case no responsibility will be accepted by Sunshine Roofing Tiles Bricks & Pavers.


    Due to variations in colour and texture of materials used in manufacture, no warranty or guarantee is given by the seller that goods shall correspond in glaze or colour with any sample of goods previously sold or displayed.