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Why replace,
When you can repaint.

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Popular Questions

What roof surfaces can be painted?

Both metal and tiled roofs can be painted. Even your gutters can be painted, to match your new roof. You can have complete confidence that your roof paint is the best!

What colours can I choose from?

You can browse our range of premixed paint colours for inspiration, but we also custom mix any exterior paint of your choice.

Can I paint my roof myself or should I use a professional?

We recommend roof restoration to be undertaken by a professional.

See the following reasons:

Roof restoration can be dangerous. It requires the use of roof safety equipment and protective wear.
If you’re not a qualified roofer, roofing issues are difficult to detect. This can lead to ineffective application of Roof Protect solutions.
Experienced professionals rectify any roofing issues on the spot. They clean and prepare the roof prior to application.
Our professional team are qualified to select the right product from our Roof Protect Roof Membrane paint range, giving you the best product for your roof.

How do you guarantee your products?

Our process of formulating, testing and developing ensures the quality of every Roof Protect Roof Membrane product.

Our market leading 20-Year Roof Protect product, comes with a 20 year Warranty for a 3-coat system on a tiled roof.
We offer an extensive 12-year Warranty for our 3-coat Roof Protect system for all roofs.
We also offer a 15-year Warranty for our 4-coat Roof Protect system for a Tiled roof.
These warranties are only available by Accredited Applicators.

How can Wall Protect be applied?

Wall Protect products can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun. Try our products, it’s as easy as a phone call or an online order.

What makes Wall Protect a better choice than other wall paints?

Wall Protect has one of the best finishes on the market. Accidental stains are easily washed away, providing a premium finish.

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