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We live in times when everything is recyclable. Things have been made easy for everyone to recycle what they can, ranging from cardboard boxes, beer bottles, clothes, old furniture, and concrete roof tiles. Recycling concrete roof tiles has its benefits and we’ll discuss them below.

Can Concrete Roof Tiles Be Reused?

Yes, concrete roof tiles can be recycled! Concrete roof tiles can be recycled after they’ve been removed from the building. If the tiles were placed outside after they’ve been uninstalled, then there’s no need for any special treatment before they’re recycled. However, there are cases where they require treatment before being put back into use.

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Also, note that most often, concrete tile roofs cannot be recycled. Sometimes, when they get so deteriorated that the original material they’re made from has completely disappeared or broken down to a bad state, recycling them at this point may be unfeasible.

Some cities still run an active roof tile recycling program but most of these programs only accept old roof tile that was installed 30 years ago or older. If a concrete roof tile is removed for replacement or repair, then it can be recycled. To recycle your roof tiles, you can take them to a local roofing company that specializes in roof tile recycling.

Lastly, you can use some recycled roof tiles to make a new roofing product. This may not exactly be called recycling, however, it can help improve the environment by reducing the amount of roofing materials that end up in landfills. By using leftover roofing materials and applying them to your new tiles, you can create your roofing material.

Benefits of using recycled roof tiles

There are numerous benefits of using recycled concrete roof tiles, they include:

  1. Environmental benefits

Anything you recycle is beneficial to the environment, and roof tiles are not excluded. When you use recycled concrete roof tiles, you save them from landfill and give them a new life. You may not know it but reusing second hand roof tiles benefits the environment and also helps you save on cash.

  1. Cost-effective benefits

You’d find that using recycled roof tiles is cheaper than buying new ones. If you’re working on a replacement roof tile project, using second-hand roof tiles is cost-effective, especially when it performs the same function as a set of new ones. If you’re looking for second-hand roof tile for sale you can contact a professional tile yard like Sunshine Roofing.

Where to buy recycled roof tiles

When buying recycled roof tiles, ensure you buy from an official roofing and tile business like Sunshine Roofing. They can help you determine the best option for your roof. Also, they’ll inspect the quality of tiles and ensure they’re in the best shape and condition before selling them.

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At Sunshine Roofing, you won’t have a problem recycling your roof tiles or getting second-hand roof tiles for sale. If you want to purchase or recycle your concrete roof tiles, contact us at Sunshine Roofing.

We’re specialists in recycled roof tiles and we provide the best re-roofing Melbourne services.

Grab a quote from the friendly team at Sunshine Roofing today and save the environment and reduce costs.

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