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If you’re planning to have a terracotta tile roof for your home, then you’re aware that they make some of the best and most beautiful roofs you can think of. Terracotta roof tiles come in a variety of shades, shapes, sizes, and colors and are usually considered to be high-end roof types both in quality and cost.

In this article, we take a closer look at the benefits of terracotta roof tiles and how to choose the right terracotta tiles for your roof replacement roof tiles project. Continue reading to learn more:

How to Choose the Right Terracotta Tiles for Your Roof 1

Why choose Terracotta Roof Tiles

There are multiple benefits of using terracotta roof tiles but we’ll consider only the important ones that can influence your decision to choose terracotta tiles for your roof.

  1. Aesthetic

The beauty of the terracotta roof tiles cannot go unnoticed. Not only are they beautiful, they’re ageless and timeless and have been used in many houses across the world over the years.

  1. Life value

When buying a house with a terracotta tile roof, it can be considered a bonus for you because these roof tiles help to increase the value of your house and aid in the resale value. So if you’re considering a replacement roof tiles project, rest assured, that using terracotta roof tile is a long-term investment.

  1. Acoustic performance

Terracotta roof tiles have a density that reduces unwanted external sounds such as rain sound, traffic, aircraft noise, trains, etc.

  1. Safety

Terracotta roof tiles are non-combustible which means they can be used in areas prone to bushfire. They’re also the best option for areas that ensure wind, spray, and salt and won’t rust or corrode over time.

Choose The Best Option for Your Roof Design: French or Swiss Terracotta Roof Tiles?

Terracotta roof tiles are used in different countries across the world and are popular for good reasons. Hardly would you find a roofing material like terracotta that’s extremely hardy, highly resistant to weather, and long-lasting. They have a high density that helps to reduce external noise and even regulate indoor temperature. However, terracotta roof tiles are stylish and they have different color choices you can choose from to match your home’s design.

There are two popular types of terracotta roof tiles, they include the French and Swiss terracotta roof tiles and if you want to choose the best one for your home design, there are you must consider.

The French and Swiss terracotta roof tiles possess the same qualities as mentioned above. They’re popular options because they’re lighter in weight than concrete roof tiles and are the best choice for roof designs that need pitched roofing or for roofs that can’t ensure heavyweight. Depending on the requirements of your home’s roof design, you’d only have to choose between these two roofing tiles for aesthetic purposes.

How to Choose the Right Terracotta Tiles for Your Roof 2


Sometimes, when homeowners find it difficult to choose between the two types of roof tiles, they should consult with roofing professionals.

At Sunshine Roofing, we help homeowners determine whether French or Swiss terracotta roof tiles will be the best option for their home’s home’s roof designs.

We provide the best roof tiles supply for your roofing project and are the best option if you’re looking for roof tiles near me.

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