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How Do Clay Pavers Compare to Concrete Pavers in Roofing

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Are you planning on embarking on a roofing project? Before you begin, you must know that choosing the right roofing material is essential for any roofing project and there are two common options which include clay and concrete roof tiles. These types of roofing materials share some similarities such as durability and aesthetic appeal. However, it’s also crucial to understand the unique characteristics and advantages of each roofing material.

This article will explore the distinction between clay and concrete roof tiles so that you can choose the best for your roofing project. Continue reading to learn more:

How Do Clay Pavers Compare to Concrete Pavers in Roofing 1

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay tiles have a wide variety of colours and textures that are unique and permanent. They are usually lighter in weight than their counterparts, facilitating the process of installation. They are also designed to have additional features on the top surface including channels, grooves and upstands. These features help prevent water from leaking into nail holes.

However, when it comes to shape, clay tiles are less versatile compared to concrete tiles. And their prices are usually on the high side, considering their manufacturing process and the high-quality materials needed.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles are more affordable than clay tiles due to their quick manufacturing process. They’re designed in large format, reducing the number of tiles required for a roof installation project which consequently saves time, labor costs and materials.

However, when it comes to weight, concrete tiles are heavier than clay tiles. This requires that the house has strong structural support. Also, concrete tiles lack the aesthetic appeal of clay tiles and tend to fade over time.

Environmental impact of clay and concrete roof tiles

Roofing materials impact the environment which is why selecting the best roofing material for your project is a crucial process. Clay roof tiles generally are eco-friendly considering their natural composition, however, concrete roof tiles are regarded as less eco-friendly.

Clay roof tiles are considered more eco-friendly because their major material is extracted from the earth. As a raw material, it’s only natural that it is environmentally friendly. However, the manufacturing process involves heating the clay in a kiln at high temperatures which consumes a large amount of natural gas.

On the other hand, concrete roof tiles are made up of a mixture of sand, water and cement however, the manufacturing process is entirely electric. Once extruded, the tiles are dried in a dryer, powered by electricity.

How Do Clay Pavers Compare to Concrete Pavers in Roofing 2

Choosing the right roof tiles

Clay and concrete roof tiles offer similar performance, ranging from durability and waterproofing. The only major difference is the lack of long-lasting aesthetic appeal in concrete roof tiles. However, concrete roof tiles offer other interesting features such as affordability and versatility. While clay roof tiles offer the beauty of a natural material, a long lifespan and an overall aesthetic appeal. You can choose between clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles depending on your budget and architectural vision.


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