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How much does roof restoration typically cost

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There are other ways to extend the lifespan of your existing roof apart from roof repair among which includes roof restoration. Roof restoration extends beyond fixing one section of your roof (like roof repair). It encompasses the entire roof, it’s cheaper and it ultimately extends the lifespan of your roof.

This article will explore everything you need to know about roof restoration including how to identify the signs that a roof installation is needed, the benefits of a roof installation, and the cost of roof installation. Continue reading to learn more:

How much does roof restoration typically cost 1

What are the signs you need a roof installation?

There are several ways to determine you need a roof installation, they include:

  • Roof leaks

Whenever you discover dark spots or mold on the ceilings and floors of your house, you might be dealing with a leaking roof which means you have to get a roof restoration before it escalates.

  • Age

A typical roof is expected to have an average lifespan of 20 years and this is dependent on the type of roofing materials used and how well the roof is maintained. When your roof starts to approach this age, it becomes paramount to consider getting a roof installation.

  • Roof sagging

Roof sagging is another hallmark that indicates you need to get a roof restoration as it’d give your home a bad outlook and cause damage to the rafters if one area of the roof is sagging.

  • Corrosion

Corrosion indicates that water is accumulating in one section of your roof and can cause severe damage to other areas of your roof.

  • Mold

It’s very easy to spot mold on the roof due to its bad odor and its appearance of black, brown, or green blotches.

Roof restoration cost table

Element of roof restorationCost
Roof cleaning depending on the state of the roof$250-$500
Post repair, varied issues$200-$500
Metal roof repairs$48-$58 per square
Tile roof repairs$55-$65 per square
Full roof restoration on an average-sized house$2,500
Full roof restoration ok a large tiles roof$4,500-$11,000

What are the benefits of roof restoration?

Roof restoration has numerous benefits, some of which includes:

  • Boost the value of your home

Roof restoration will help to improve your home’s aesthetics, consequently increasing its value whenever you plan to sell your home. During inspection, your roof will attract potential buyers’ attention which means your roof has to be in the best shape and condition.

  • Peace of mind

If you live in areas prone to storms and bad weather, roof restoration ensures that you’re safe and unaffected.

  • Improve insulation

A proper roof restoration ensures your room remains warm during cold weather and prevents warm escaping, which will help save energy bills in the long run.

  • Protection against pests

Pests like rats, snakes, and possums can find shelter in a bad and compromised roof. Not only can they cause further damage to the roof, but they also pose a threat to the occupants of the home, however, roof restoration protects from this kind of situation.

  • Increase the lifespan of the roof

Keeping your roof in the best condition will protect the roof from harsh weather elements and prolong the lifespan of your roof.

How much does roof restoration typically cost 2


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