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How to Identify Quality in Second-Hand Roof Tiles

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Are you planning to renovate or revamp the roof of your home? If so, you’re probably aiming to use the most durable, stylish, and high-quality roof tile solutions for your roof.

However, you’ll agree that exterior repairs in your home, especially roof renovations, can be expensive, which is why many homeowners opt for using reclaimed, recycled, and second-hand materials. Using second-hand roof tiles for your home’s renovation is one way to reduce roof repair costs without breaking the bank.

How to Identify Quality in Second-Hand Roof Tiles 1

In light of this, it’s safe to say that using second-hand tiles is a good option for your roof renovation. In this article, we’ll explain what you must look for to identify quality in second-hand roof tiles. Continue reading to learn more:

What to Look Out for When Buying Second-Hand Tiles

Specific issues can render a second-hand roof tile useless and unfit for use during your home’s roof renovation. These issues are easy to spot and would save time and money if you can identify them quickly.

  1. Surfaces

The surface of the second-hand roof tile helps to determine its quality. Does the surface look good and clean? Or does it have chips and marks? More often than not, it’s usually difficult to tell apart a top-quality second-hand roof tile from new tiles. If the surface has either chips or marks, it means the roof tile isn’t in its best condition. Buying a second-hand roof tile with a bad surface means settling for bad quality, which can be bad for your roof.

  1. Edges

You could still manage a second-hand roof tile if you wanted to, but a second-hand roof tile with bad edges is a no-no. The edges of your roof tiles relate to waterproofing and interlocking. If the edges on second-hand tiles aren’t in the best condition, do not buy such roof tiles!

  1. Cracks in ceramic or terracotta tiles

A second-hand ceramic or terracotta tile with a crack is a bad option for roofing renovation. No roofer will agree to install such tiles for your roof renovations. Not only are they dangerous to work on, but they can also cause severe damage to the interior of your home.

Instead, you can identify quality second-hand roof tiles when:

  1. All tiles are in excellent condition

Before buying a second-hand roof tile, ensure the tiles are in the best shape and condition. This means it must be without surface issues, edging, or cracks.

  1. The seller gives you a solid guarantee:

When the roofer offers to give you a warranty that will cover defects and replacements, then you can rest easy that you’re buying quality second-hand roof tiles.

How to Identify Quality in Second-Hand Roof Tiles 2


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