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How to Maintain Concrete Roof Tiles

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Concrete roof tiles are becoming highly sought after due to their designs, affordable prices and numerous significant advantages over roof types. They come in different designs and colors that can complement the appearance of your home and improve its aesthetics. And they have a long lifespan that can last more than 100 years depending on how well they’re cared for and maintained. This article will explain how to maintain concrete roof tiles. Continue reading to learn more:

How to Maintain Concrete Roof Tiles 1

How do you maintain concrete roof tiles

Concrete roof tile maintenance is all about ensuring your concrete tiles remain intact under pressure. And how do you achieve this?

  1. Keep the tiles clean

Based on the manufacturing process of concrete tile roofs, they’re made to absorb water over time especially when they’re dirty. If your tiles are covered with algae or mould, you might want to consider cleaning your roof thoroughly.

  1. Use a roof rake

With a rake as a tool, you can easily sweep away loosened dust and debris from your roof surface. Use a rake to remove any moisture on the roof before it settles into gaps and cracks between tiles which can result in molds if left untouched.

  1. Don’t store heavy items on your roof tiles

Storing heavy items on your roof is dangerous because it can lead to cracks on the roof surface. Also, do not store items containing oil or grease on top of the tiles as these can affect the roof tiles over time and invite insects such as ants and termites.

  1. Do not use strong chemicals

While attempting to keep your concrete roof tiles clean, avoid using strong chemicals like abrasive cleaners or bleach as they can damage the surface or your tile especially if they’re not washed away effectively after use.

Apart from these instructions, there are other things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your concrete roof tiles, they include:

  • Ensure to keep your gutters clean

To keep your roof clean always, you have to get rid of any water stored on the roof as it can cause damage to your roof if left untreated for a long time. Hence you have to install gutters on your roof and keep it clean always.

  • Ensure all vents are tightly closed

Closed vents help reduce the effect of strong wind and harsh weather elements that can cause cracks on your roof tiles.

How to clean concrete roof tiles

The only way to prolong the lifespan of your roof is to ensure that you clean it regularly and in the proper way. Below are three easy steps you can follow to keep your concrete roof tiles clean at all times:

  1. When cleaning, ensure to use lukewarm water for your concrete tile surface however, try not to use excess water. To achieve this, you can use a spray bottle or hose to facilitate the cleaning process.
  2. After cleaning your concrete roof tiles with water, ensure that there are no puddles left on them and if there are still some left behind, be sure to get rid of them till they’re gone completely.
  3. Clean up any debris underneath each tile with a broom or other brush. Do this when the tiles are all dry.
How to Maintain Concrete Roof Tiles 2


Maintaining and cleaning concrete roof tiles isn’t a difficult process especially if it’s handled by a professional roofing contractor. At Sunshine Roofing, we have the right skills and tools to clean and maintain your roof without causing any damage. And if your roof is damaged beyond maintenance, we have the best replacement roof tiles services.

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