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Before you embark on a roof restoration project, know that there’s more to it than just hitting a few nails and patching things up. Roof restoration aims to make your roof look brand new and last you for a longer period.

There’s no fixed time to how long a roof restoration process will take because it’s dependent on other factors like the weather. But with good weather conditions, the process shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 days.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the roof restoration process, how long your roof restoration will last, and why you should hire an experienced roofing contractor for your roof restoration. Continue reading to learn more:

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What is the Roof Restoration Process?

A roof restoration process extends beyond having a few tools, it requires the skill and expertise of a roofing specialist. Also, a roofing specialist is more informed about the safety measures and concerns required to carry out a roof restoration.

A standard roof restoration process involves replacing roof tiles or sheets, repainting and repointing, and also realigning and resealing roofing. This is what a standard process entails, however, it may not entirely be necessary, depending on the state of your roof or your roof type.

How Long Will My Roof Restoration Last?

A roof restoration is expected to have a lifespan of approximately 15 to 20 years. This time frame depends on how professionally the job is done and also on the UV levels at your location. Other affecting factors include your choice of coating color and mold or mildew growth.

This is why you should allow the best roof restoration Melbourne contractor to handle your roof restoration. Not only does it ensure that your roof restoration lasts, but it also prevents a hazardous or patchy roof which may happen if you attempt to restore your roof yourself.

Also, working with a qualified contractor ensures that there’s no disruption to your daily life. You can carry on with your activities despite that some work is being done on your roof. Although it depends on the weather and how much work is involved in the process.

Some common reasons DIY roof restorations fail:

  • The roof was not cleaned properly for restoration
  • Lack of thorough inspection for cracked tiles
  • Wrong roof primer was used resulting in peeling or blistering of paint.
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Are you in need of a roof restoration? Our qualified roof contractors at Sunshine Roofing will assess the current state of your roofing and help you determine the best way to restore your roof to its best condition.

At Sunshine Roofing, we take on all kinds of roof restoration projects (such as terracotta roof restoration, cement roof restoration, and metal roof restoration) and ensure we restore your roof to last for a long time. We aim to address various issues with our roof restoration process including broken concrete roof tiles, wear and tear, and other types of roof damage.

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