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There have been many debates going on about which is more cost-effective and better between used roof tiles and new roof tiles. Different factors make up the difference, and the cost is one of them. In this article, we’ll explain the difference and also go on to explain some differences between new roofing and old roofing. Read on!

New vs. Used Roof Tiles - What's the Difference 2

Cost Comparison between used roof tiles and old roof tiles

The price between a new roof tile and an old roof tile can vary depending on different factors including the type of tile, its condition, and the market demand. Generally, people consider new roof tiles to be more expensive than used ones because they are in the best shape and condition and they also come with warranties.

Whereas, used roof tiles are more cost-effective and affordable however their prices depend on factors such as their age, quality, damage, or wear they might have. If you need to choose between new roof tiles or old ones based on the pricing, it’s best to consult with your local supplier or a professional roofing contractor to get the best estimates for these roofs in your area.

4 Differences Between Used and New Roof Tiles

  1. Old roof tiles tend to fail as a water barrier

Roof leaks can cause damage to your home and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair. Old roof tiles are more susceptible to leaks because there may be areas that have been affected by wind and rain over the years. These could be points where water might sneak through the tiles and cause a leak. An occasional leak is not a cause for alarm, however, when your roof requires several repairs, it’s best to get a new roof installed.

  1. New roof tiles brighten up your home

The difference between installing new roof tiles instead of using roof tiles on your home is that new roofing will improve your home’s curb appeal. Used roof tiles are bound to lose their bright and sharp look and start fading the more they’re exposed to sunlight. However, new roof tiles look sharper, brighter, and more impressive than used roof tiles which makes your home more pleasant to look at and also increases its value.

  1. Old roof tiles may have many issues and defects

Used roof tiles tend to accumulate problems and defects over the years. Even if they don’t leak, it doesn’t deny the fact there could be something wrong with the roof. This is a huge part of the physical difference and performance between used and new roof tiles.

New vs. Used Roof Tiles - What's the Difference 2
  1. New roof tiles tend to be more energy-efficient.

There are different ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency level. Some of them are linked to your attic and roofing. Most of the heat leaving your home escapes through your rooftop. New roof tiles tend to have a higher energy-efficiency rating which means you can save more on energy bills.


Used and new roof tiles both serve almost the same purpose but in different capacities. Some homeowners prefer to use old roof tiles due to their durability while others prefer to use new roof tiles due to aesthetics. Your choice of roof tiles for your home depends on different factors including costs. You need to contact your roofing contractor if you’re looking for used roof tile for sale.

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